Thursday, December 12, 2019


A COMMUNIQUE is a message quite often a secret one. With COMMUNIQUE you can write numbers, small words, draw simple shapes in secret. If you're familiar with using a nail writer or swami gimmick then you know how you usually need to use two hands to hold what you're writing on. With the COMMUNIQUE gimmick you can hold the 'pad' of envelopes in one hand and have your other hand free.

WHAT THEY SEE: The magician/mentalist writes their prediction on a post it note attached to a stack of envelopes. She then asks the participant to call out any number, small word, or small design. As soon as the participant reveals what they are thinking the performer turns the pad around and on the post it note is the exact thought.

The COMMUNIQUE gimmick is sturdy and makes secret writing a dream and because you can hold it with while writing secretly one hand it easily creates the illusion of nothing happening except holding a stack of envelopes.

$44.99 with PDF. Available Now.