Wednesday, January 1, 2020




The performer displays a deck of high-res photographs each one completely different from one another and easily recognizable. the photos are well mixed by the magician and cut a number of times by the participant. The participant is asked to remove a photo from the face down pile and to look at it and remember it and then to place it back in the middle of the pile. The performer then divines what the participant is thinking of.

The complimentary e-book includes routines and variations of effects you may already know that require a standard ESP (Zenner) deck of cards. With PHOTOGENIC you no longer need Zenner cards to perform these effects. You can appear to be performing completely different effects and even fool other magicians/mentalists if you so choose.

What you get: You receive a deck of 26 beautifully designed photos, 5 duplicate photos, and 1 double backer. You'll love the finish on these because they feel like high quality playing cards and they spread like them too. You also get a complimentary e-book with explanations on using the cards and performing a number of effects.

Plus!!! This complimentary e-book will be periodically updated with contributions from other magicians and mentalists so stay tuned for that as well. If you purchase this item you will be automatically included in the update and it will be automatically shipped to you when available so please don't ask.

Card size 2.2"x3.43" (56×87mm) (34 cards)

Card stock: (M31) Linen

Card finishing: MPC game card finish

Packaging: Shrink-wrapped

 $39.99 includes FREE shipping in CONUS includes complimentary e-book and deck of 32 beautifully designed cards.