Thursday, December 12, 2019



This is the ultimate in peek pads because it's also an impression device that you can get your peek in real time or get it later at your convenience. It is loosely based on the billet/business card peek known as Acidus Novus by Millard Longman but instead of getting a quarter peek you can get a full peek. It looks like something you'd pick up from a 99 cents store. Similar in design to Richard Osterlind's Original Imp Pad but only in appearance but it is used in a completely different manner. 

THE ACIDUS PAD is devilish in that you get your peek right under your participant's nose and they don't suspect a thing.

You get one gimmicked pad and one regular pad both look identical to each other so you may swap one for the other as needed although it is not really necessary. You get full instruction booklet with one basic effect. This is a utility device not an effect. You need to come up with your own routine.

You Pay: $44.99